Approval of 33 New High Yielding Varieties of Various Crops


Punjab Seed Council (PSC) approved 33 new seed varieties of various crops in its 51st meeting. These varieties named as Lentil (Punjab Masor 2018, 01 variety), Berseem (Punjab Barseem, 01 variety), Wheat (Ghazi-19, 01 variety), Chickpea (Noor-2018, 01 variety), Termeric (Mehak, 01 variety), Maize (Sahiwal Gold, Goar-19, CIMMYT PAK, POP-1, Super Green Maize, FH-1036 hybrid), Barani Mash-2 (01 variety), Ber (Pak-White, Umran, Anokhi, Sufan, Bawawal- SL, Yazman), Date Palm ( Khuma, Shakri, Shamran, Zahidi, Aseel, Kupra, Haleeni, Hillawi, Khabrawi), Pomegranate ( Golden, Pearl), Fiber Crop (Golden Jute-18), Sorghhum ( Fakhr-e-Punjab), Barley (Sultan-17, Jaur-17(۔ Moreover, 02 Onion, 04 Sugarcane, 02 Oilseeds, 01 Hybrid Rice, 03 Potato, 02 Flowers, 01 Beans, 02 Oat, 01 Fig, 03 Grapes and 01 Lentil variety has been approved by PSC in 52nd meeting held recently at Lahore.


Development of new varieties of crops & fruits


Developments of new varieties enhance the agricultural production hence it would have positive impact on the profitability of the farming community and contribute towards food, feed and fiber security.