Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Sheikhupura

Being the complex natural heterogeneous material soil gets exhausted due to the continuous harvesting resultantly low soil fertility, being the second top rating factor. To meet with the burning challenges of food security balanced nutrition is indispensable, for which soil testing is required. For this purpose Govt. developed district labs and since the establishment of this SWTL, SKP, in 1981, it is working in evaluation of fertility status of district soils. Punjab Government has facilitated farmer with the subsidized rate of Rs.7/sample for soil and Rs. 6/sample for water. Moreover, Government of Punjab has launched project “Extension Services 2.O” an online nutrient status mapping of each farmer’s land where he will get the information at his doorstep just with a click.


Mission of soil and water testing labs is to help farmers through providing advisory services regarding fertilizers application and remediation of soil.


  • To access the fertility status of District SKP using the modern lab technique
  • To suggest measures to control the salinity &alkalinity menace and enhance higher economic crop production by the use of amendment and reclaments.
  • To survey micro & macro nutrients status & explore the remedial measures to cope with their deficiency or toxicity
  • To analyze water for its suitability & recommendation for its efficient use in irrigation

Research Activities

·Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations
  • Reclamation of problem soils
  • Monitoring quality inputs
  • Improving (FUE) and Productivity through (IPNS)
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers

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