Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Khushab

Khushab is new district of Punjab consisting of four tehsil Khushab, Quaidabad, Noor poor Thal & Nowshahra. Landscape of this district is not uniform having High Mountains like sakesar (Soon Valley) area, plain like Jauharabad, Quaidabad and desert like Noor poor. Underground water is brackish in most of the area. For reclamation of saline sodic and sodic soils, amendment (Gypsum) is recommended. Main source of gypsum is in nearly area of Quaidabad. Considering all these factors of soil & Water, Govt of Punjab has established a District Laboratory Khushab at Jauharabad, with effect from 01-03-1988.


  • Evaluation of Soil Fertility status in the district and preparation of site specific fertilizer recommendations
  • Provision of advisory services on soil and water problems of the district
  • Diagnosis of salinity / sodicity hazards of soils and their reclamation

Research Activities

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations
  • Reclamation of problem soils
  • Monitoring quality inputs
  • Improving (FUE) and productivity through (IPNS)
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers
  • Project Ex.2.0, under project soil samples are collected by Agri. Ext. deptt. and analysed in laboratory for soil health lands

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Address: Sujra colony Jauharbad