Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, D.G.Khan


The Soil & Water Testing Laboratory, Dera Ghazi Khan (SWT-DGK) provides laboratory testing services of Soil, Water, Plant Tissue and Fertilizers. Meaningful laboratory results require careful attention to the condition of sample, date of sample collection, the authority, who collected the sample, the originality of sample, recording physical conditions of sample, coding and testing of samples and report generation. The lab is following guidelines of international standard ISO 17025:2017 for its testing activities. This manual is designed in compliance with this international standard.  Our goal is to provide accurate, precise and timely results with aim of guiding the farmers on balance use of fertilizer, cost economic production of crops, detection and correction of saline, SF and saline SF soils, advising famers/grower about new innovations in the field and providing advisory services to the commercial customers about their products. Testing of quality control fertilizer to ensure the manufacturing ability and sample quality of stake holders helping to minimize the use of fake/ spurious/ adulterated fertilizers in Punjab for better society and reduce the financial and yield loss of farmer and country is also a main duty of SWT-DGK.



Testing of fertilizer samples for quality control containing the N, P, K B, O.M solid, CEC, H.A. (L & S), A.A. (L& S), Phosphate fertilizer (L & S), Phosphate fertilizer mixed (L & S), Potassium fertilizer (L &S), Potassium fertilizer mixed (L &S), Nitrogen fertilizers (L &S), Nitrogen fertilizers mixed (L & S), Boron (L), Boron mixed micro-nutrient ( L &S), Ch. Zn (L & S), Ch. Zn micro nutrients (L & S), Ch. Zn mixed fertilizer (L), Zn fertilizer (L & S), Zn fertilizer mixed (L & S), Fe fertilizer (L & S), Fe fertilizer mixed (L & S), Cu fertilizer (L & S), Cu fertilizer mixed (L & S), Mn fertilizer (L & S) and Mn fertilizer mixed (L & S) contents provided by the Agriculture Extension Department Government of the Punjab under FCO in the Districts of D.G.Khan Division.


Soil & Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Central Jail Road near Dar-ul-Aman  Dera Ghazi Khan.


Dr. Rehmatullah
Phone: 064-2468222