Sorghum Research Sub-Station, D G. Khan

Sorghum Crop is second most important food crop among the coarse food grain group of the world-1st being Maize. It is used for food purposes in under developed and developing countries of the world.


During 1984-85, adaptation/evaluation work of sorghum & pearl millet crops was started in this south region of Punjab under administrative control of Director MMRI Yusafwala. The main duty of officials (field assistant/plant observers) was to layout demonstration trials because the western side i.e. floody, hilly and sub-hilly area of DG khan is best suitable for the crops.
As we know very well that world population is increasing in geometric ratio but in spite of best try of agricultural scientists they have been to increase the crop production simply in arithmetic ratio. Staple food of world population i.e., wheat and rice cannot suffice the food requirement of world population in near future. So introduction and production of coarse grain crops particularly Sorghum and Pearl Millet is must in prevailing circumstances. So during 1987, the present Sorghum research sub-station was established for the development work of Sorghum crop in DG khan.


  • Maintenance of sorghum gene pool
  • Evaluation/adaptation of different National and International varieties/hybrids of Sorghum and Pearl Millet
  • To motivate the rain fed area’s growers to cultivate Sorghum and Pearl Millet crops
  • Suggest the remedial measures to the problems of Sorghum crop

Research Activities

The following Research activities at Sorghum Research Sub-station DG khan is in progress.
  • Maintenance of Sorghum Gene Pool (81 entries) for breeding program
  • Sorghum Hybrid Trial
  • Sorghum Varietal Yield Trial
  • National Uniform/Adoptability Sorghum Yield Trial
  • Pearl Millet Varietal Yield Trial
  • National Uniform/Adoptability Pearl Millet Yield Trail
  • On Farm Pearl Millet trails at five different locations throughout the DG Khan Division

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