Importance of quality seed for harvesting a good Sugarcane crop, Sugarcane seed having good yield potential with excellent recovery is the most important. Without which the yield target cannot be achieved. A study revealed that 1-12 % drop in yield is because of the absence of good quality seed.



Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad produce high yielding and good recovery varieties, which shows resistant against pest & diseases. This Institute also provide the guild line to the farmer at the field level.

How to vail the Service? 

Cane seed can be purchase from this Institute on the basis of “first come first get” so that new varieties seed can be available to the farmers up to the maximum extent. For this CNIC & Contact number will be provided for the same. Generally, new varieties seed is available in the months of February and September

Place/ Location

Sugarcane Research Institute, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Jhang Road, Faisalabad

Contact of the Focal Person

Dr. Naeem Ahmad  Abdul Khaliq 
Chief Scientist, Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad Scientific Officer, Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad
Phone: 041-9201688  Phone: 0304-7139513
Email: Email: