Following are the services offered by the institute:

Field Wing

Field wing carries out experimentation at farmers’ fields for on-farm research on various crops and cultivars in order to evaluate their nutrient requirements. The data so generated and research findings provide broad base for formulation of general and site specific Fertilizer Recommendations. These recommendations are provided to extension department for its dissemination among the end users and farming community.

Laboratory Wing

In total 35 Labs are working, one in each district of Punjab province. Out of these 8 Labs for research are working under the provincial set up whereas 27 District level labs. Had been devolved to respective district Governments. These labs are extending services to the farming community at district level regarding better use of their soil & water resources. The eight labs. working under the provincial set up have the facility of analysis of soil, water, fertilizer, plant tissue etc. and are equipped with modern equipment like HPLC, ICP ,GC and Atomic Absorption etc. In addition to the research activities, these labs are extending services to the farming community for efficient use of their soil, water and fertilizer resources. These laboratories are also providing analytical facilities to fertilizer industries and other research institutes.