Potato Res Sub-Station, Murree

Potato Breeding Research Sub-Station, Murree was established before partition and it is situated at Clifden Road, 10 minutes of walking distance from bus stand. Earlier it was a vegetable research station but later on it was totally dedicated to potato research. Basically it is a potato breeding station and environment and weather here is is perfect for potato flowering, hybridization and harvesting berries. The main objective of this sub-station is to produce basic seed/true potato seed by using hybridization method to incorporate desirable traits in potato varieties/lines according to annual research programmer and then growing nursery for the production of mini tubers by using the basic potato seed and selection of plants with favorable characters. In future we are planning to grow mini-tubers and raise nursery in green house and glass houses and also we are planning to grow some other vegetables after harvesting potato crop.

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