Provision of Additional Research Facilities for Development of Heat Resilient Maize Hybrids at Maize & Millets Research Institute

Duration 2015-16 to 2019-2020
Total Cost Rs. 48.00 Million
Allocation  in 2019-20 Rs. 3.6 Million


  • Development and screening of 500 local inbred lines against high temperature (above  40 °C)
  • Constitution of 400 hybrids using heat resilient maize inbred lines
  • Screening of new hybrids against heat stress and diseases in yield trials
  • Evaluation of promising hybrids versus multinational hybrids in research cum demonstration trials
  • Standardization of maize hybrid seed production technology

Physical Activities

  • Maintenance  of heat tolerant inbred lines 
  • Constitution and Evaluation of heat tolerant hybrids
  • Conductance of on farm trials 

Expected Outcome

Constitution of new high yielding heat tolerant maize hybrids with respect to climate change

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