Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal developed two olive varieties as BARI Zaitoon 1&2. These varieties have been developed through selection from exotic germplasm imported from Italy. Both varieties showed good adaptability to the Pothowar and adjoining plains of the Punjab. The fruit tree has medium plant vigor with spreading nature of growth along with profuse branching. It’s medium to late maturing variety which starts fruiting after four years of planting. Flowering starts in the month of March and fruit mature in the month of September to October. The fruit is of medium size having elongate shape. The average fruit weight has been recorded to be 2.8 g with medium width of stalk cavity which is elliptic in shape. The color change of the fruit starts from apex and attain dark violet color at full maturity. The average yield of variety is 23 kg/plant with oil content of 19.34%.

  • Olive varieties have shown fruit bearing, in Lahore, Kasur, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Layyah, Bhakkar and Mianwali showing great potential for its expansion in the Punjab.
  •  No extra care and attention is needed compared to other fruit orchards.
  • It possesses the longest productive life (200-250 years) than all other fruit trees.
  • These varities lessen the import bill of edible oil
  • Olive is labor extensive venture, thus creation of more jobs will improve the socio-economic conditions.
  • More economic returns compared to other field crop.

Centre of Excellence for Olive Research and Training (CEFORT), Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal


Sr. No.

Variety Name

Year of Release

Ripening time

Potential Yield

Oil Recovery (%)

       Salient Features

1 BARI Zaitoon-1 2011



  • Medium elliptic shape, fruit with week conspicuous of marbling, Strong stature of plant
2 BARI Zaitoon-2 2011



  • Erect nature with strong growth
  • Smooth tree trunk
  • Oil purpose variety
3 Jerboui 2019 September  14.39 20.18
  • Narrow elliptic fruit shape, fruit with week conspicuous of marbling
4 Picual 2019 October 18.83 15.02
  • Medium fruit size, elliptic fruit shape, Medium marbling on frui
5 Hojiblanca 2019 Sep-Oct 17.83 16.63
  • Large fruit size, Ovoid fruit shape, Round apex, Truncate bas
6 Manzanilla 2019 October 21.64 16.41
  • Spreading tree branches, Large fruit size, ovoid fruit shape,  Pointed apex, Truncate base
7 Pendolino 2019 September  19.69 13.69
  • Spreading tree branches, Elongated fruit shape, round base, Obvious fruit nipple
8 Gemlik 2019 September  24.23 15.36
  • Large Bold fruit, Concaved, Tenuous Nipple
9 Koroneiki 2019 Sep-Oct 20.26 16.22
  • Short plant stature,  Erect branching habit, Elongated fruit shape, Obvious nipple
10 Hamdi 2019 October 22.66 15.85
  • Drooping plant branches, Twisting leaves, Ovoid fruit shape, tunicate base of fruit
11 Ascolana 2019 Sep-Oct 19.49 14.41
  • Large & ovoid fruit,  Round apex of fruit, Elliptic lanceolate leaves
12 Arbequina 2021 October 18.05 17.29
  • Medium tree canopy, Erect branches, Concaved fruit shape
13 Chemlali 2021 October 19.22 15.57
  • Strong plant vigor, Drooping branches, narrow fruit shape
14 Earlik 2021 October 25.71 16.2
  • Strong plant stature, Spreading branches, Large and Bold fruit, obvious nipple
15 Gohar 2022 October 22.1 16.15
  • Strong plant stature, Large fruit size, Bold fruit shape