Soil Fertility Officer, Ayub Agricultrual Research Institute, Jhang Road, Faisalabad

With increasing population pressure, farmers have resorted to intensive cultivation practices which puts additional pressure on soil nutrient resources. This station has been developed to plan and coordinate the research experiments on soil fertility and fertilizers in central and rainfed areas of Punjab.


  • To assess fertilizer response in various ago-ecological zones / soil types in order to formulate economic fertilizer recommendations.
  • Indexation of plant nutrients in soil and plant tissue for monitoring their status
  • To evaluate comparative agronomic efficiency of different commercial fertilizers
  • To design research on popularization of Integrated Plant Nutrition System ( IPNS ) for sustainable agriculture
  • To find out appropriate time and method of fertilizer application in different cropping system
  • To popularize the balanced fertilizer use to get economic yield. Advisory services to farming community for economic use of soil, water and fertilizer resources and reclamation of salt affected soils


To plan and coordinate research trials at farmer fields in central and Pothwar region.

Research Activities

  • Nutritional studies on macro and micro elements.
  • Research trials on various crops for their nutrient requirements and development of fertilizer recommendation for different cropping system.
  • Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency (FUE) to arrest losses and protect environment.
  • Field trials to maintain and improve soil health
  • Nutrient Dynamics and their Indexation.
  • Calibration of Soil tests with crop responses.

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