Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Lodhran

Soil is one of the basic requirements of plant life which provide foothold and nutrition to all types of crops.  The fertility status of soils is one indicator of her crop production potential and yield gradient.  Plant requires an ample quantity of nutrients / elements for their physical vigour & economical yield. Soil analysis is a quick and one of the best tool for the evaluation of soil fertility, soil health and to render advice to the farming community for efficient use of fertilizers. Soil sample also helps the farmers in curing soil problem like salinity / sodicity etc. Moreover, if the soil faces problem like salinity / sodicity, these problems are rectified by suggesting suitable measures and amendments, if necessary. The use of underground water is the need of the day as a supplement for canal irrigation. The laboratory provides a facility of advisory service at both pre and post installation of tube well to correctly know the quality of underground water. The gypsum requirement in tones per acres is determined in the laboratory and accordingly the recommendations are provided to the concerned farmers. 


“Increasing crop yield by improving soil health and balance use of inputs.”


  • To increase per acre yield of the farmers.
  • To cultivate the soil which remain cultivable waste.
  • To increase fertility status of soils.
  • To reclaim the soil with different amendments
  • To reclaim underground water for irrigation
  • To provide advisory services for best economic crop production

Research Activities

  • To plan and execute the research field experiment in accordance with annual research programme of the institute
  • To collect and analyze the pre-experiment and post-experiment soil sample to find out the research outcome
  • To collect and statistically analyze the research data to establish the cost benefit ratio of nutrients and crop yield

Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations
  • Reclamation of problem soils
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers
  • To assess the crop nutrition and varietal correlation based upon the soil test results

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