Research on pulse crops was started during 1938 in Cereal section of Agriculture College, Faisalabad.  During 1970-71, independent pulses research section was established which was upgraded to Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad during 1982.



Pulses Research Institute is allied department of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute. Its responsibility is to conduct research work for new varieties of pulses, which is mostly on Chickpeas, Lentil, mung, mash, cowpea and drypeas. The seed of varieties so developed is provided to farmers and Punjab Seed Corporation. This institute has three sub-stations situated in Kallurkot district Bhakkar, Rakhutra district Khushab and Sahowali district Sialkot.


Pulses Research Institute, mission is to provide new varieties of pulse crops and updated agricultural production technologies that will contribute to increased pulses productivity for sustainable food security, and economic development of the country.


  • Development of Pulses varieties possessing high yield potential, wide adaptability, resistance to diseases and insect pests.
  • Establishment of package of improved production technology for approved verities of pulse crops to achieve their potential yields.
  • Production of pre-basic and basic seed of pulse crops.
  • Promotion of pulses cultivation.