GUAR is an important leguminous crop which is extremely drought resistant and can be grown in semi-arid regions. The guar bean has a large endosperm, which contains significant amounts of primary marketable product, guar gum.

Agriculutral Research Station, Bahawalpur


Year of Release

Yield Potential (Kg ha-1)

Salient Features

2/1 1984 GY= 1200 Kg ha-1
FY= 26 t ha-1
Long stature, long duration, branched, grain bold & dark brown.
BR-90 1991 GY= 1400 Kg ha-1
FY= 28 t ha-1
Short stature, long duration, profusely branched, golden grain colour, suitable for fodder purpose.
BR-99 2000 GY= 1900 Kg ha-1
FY= 30 t ha-1
Single stemmed, no branched, medium duration, seed colour-grey,  suitable for fodder & grain purpose.
BR-2017 2017 GY= 2400 Kg ha-1
FY= 35 t ha-1
Erect type, 0-1 branch, hairy, early maturing, high Galactomannan & Protein, heavy fruiting, suitable for grain, fodder and vegetable purposes.