It is very important summer fodder which is leguminous in nature. It has high protein value due to which it increases the meat production in animals. Due to leguminous in nature it enhances soil fertility. Its seed contain a specific gum which is used in Textile and food industry.

Agriculutral Research Station, Bahawalpur


Sr. No.

Variety Name

Year of Release

Yield Potential (Kg ha-1)

Salient Features

1 BR-2017 2017 GY= 2400 Kg ha-1
FY= 35 t ha-1
Erect type, 0-1 branch, hairy, early maturing, high Galactomannan & Protein, heavy fruiting, suitable for grain, fodder and vegetable purposes
2 BR-99 2000 GY= 1900 Kg ha-1
FY= 30 t ha-1
Single stemmed, no branched, medium duration, seed colour-grey,  suitable for fodder & grain purpose
3 BR-90 1991 GY= 1400 Kg ha-1
FY= 28 t ha-1
Short stature, long duration, profusely branched, golden grain colour, suitable for fodder purpose
4 2/1 1984 GY= 1200 Kg ha-1
FY= 26 t ha-1
Long stature, long duration, branched, grain bold & dark brown