Gram Breeding Research Station, Attock

Gram Breeding Research Sub-Station, Attock was established in 1927 at Campbellpur (now Attock). It provides a unique opportunity for screening of the germplasm against the major production disease “Gram Blight” as this disease was first identified in this region during 1916. Since then, this station is working on the screening of germplasm which is more frequent now-a-days under dry conditions than recognized previously.


The mandate of Gram Breeding Research Sub-Station, Attock is to conduct the research trials on different aspects of gram. 
  • Strengthening of gene pool of diverse origin
  • Development of high yielding and disease resistant varieties
  • Evaluation and screening of advance promising lines from NARC, BARI, Chakwal, NIAB and Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad

Research Activities

  • The research plan includes experiments on Strengthening of germplasm from different regions
  • Production of filial generations through crossing/ hybridization
  • Advisory services were provided to farmers

Contacts Us

Scientific Officer
Phone: 057-9316208