Food Technology Section, Faisalabad

The Food Technology Section was established in 1968 with the objective to carry out research and development studies on processing, preservation and development of new value added products from various fruits and vegetables.


This section has potentially contributed in value addition by developing food products and has trained thousands of human resources both male and female in food processing and preservation techniques. Pilot scale production and sale of various food products is another allied objective, helping to popularize the use of good quality food products among the masses, as well as to deposit handsome income annually to the government treasury.

Future plans

Food Technology section is working on the value addition of fruits and vegetables and their nutritional and other physicochemical/biochemical aspects. We want to disseminate the developed technology to the farmers for more productivity and easy availability of good quality processed and preserved food to the masses along with increase in export to the foreign exchange.

Research Activities

  • Development and optimization of avocado value added products


  • Effect of incorporating hydrocolloids on quality attributes of tomato ketchup
  • Medicinal value addition  of apple jam
  • Development and standardization of fruit cocktail
  • Development of kinnow juice concentrates through vacuum concentration technique
  • Standardization of dehydration protocol for fig fruit
  • Standardization of protocol for raisins production
  • Development and optimization of therapeutic herbal turmeric drink

  • Development and standardization of onion paste at ambient storage
  • Development of long life plain/fruit based carbonated drinking yogurt
  • Production and quality assessment of karonda-orange functional RTS beverage
  • Development and storage study of pomegranate-pineapple RTS drink
  • Development and standardization of ready to serve aloe vera-lemon functional drink
  • Development and standardization of dietetic aloe vera-lime marmalade
  • Optimization of beetroot-orange  functional drink
  • Production of naturally flavored green mango mint RTS drink as immunity booster
  • Fortification of calcium and iron through natural sources in cookies

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