Cotton Research Institute, Multan

Popular Cotton Varieties of Cotton Research Institute Multan? Top
MNH-886, MNH-988, MNH-93, S-12, FH-114, FH-142, FH-901, FH-Lalazar, VH-327, RH-662, RH-668,, SLH-8, BH-184 etc.  
What should be Plant to plant and Row to Row Distance? Top

Plant to Plant Distance:

  • Early Sowing- 1.5 Ft.
  • Normal Sowing 1-1.25 Ft.
  • Row to Row Distance: 2.5 Ft.
Where from registered seed can be obtained? Top
Cotton Seed can be obtained from Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC).  

What is recommended quantity of sulfuric acid to be used for delinting cotton seed?

One kg sulfuric acid should be used for delinting 10 kg cotton seed.  

What should be dose of seed treatment?

. Imidachloprid @ 5 g per kg seed or Thiomethoxam  at 3 g per kg cotton seed.  
What is recommended interval of irrigation for Bt. cotton varieties in case of bed sowing? Top
Recommended interval is 6-9 days.  
How many types of insect pests of cotton? Top

On the basis of mode of damage, insect pests of cotton are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Sucking insect pests of cotton
  2. Chewing insect pests of cotton
What are important sucking insect pests of cotton? Top
Whitefly, Jassid, Thrips, Cotton Mealy Bug and Dusky Cotton Bug  
What are chewing insect pests of cotton? Top

Pink Bollworm, Army Worm, American Bollworm and spotted Bollworm

What is economic threshold Level (ETL) of cotton insects/pests? Top

ETL means “level of insect/pests population at which management practice become inevitable otherwise it will result in economic loss”. ETL of different insect pests of cotton is as under:

Sr. No.

Name of insect pest

Economic threshold level


Cotton whitefly

4 to 5 Nymphs/adults or both/leaf.



One Nymph or adult/leaf.



8-10 per leaf.


Cotton Mealy bug

On appearance (targeted spray)


Pink Bollworm

5-10% Boll infestation.


American Bollworm

3 Larvae per 25 plants.


Spotted Bollworm

3 Larvae per 25 plants.


Army Worm

On appearance (targeted spray)

What are effective and recommended insecticide for cotton whitefly? Top
  • Spirotetramate @ 125 ml/100 liter of water
  • Pyriproxifen @ 400 ml/100 liter of water
  • Buprofezin @ 500-600 gm/100 liter of water
  • Diafenthuron @ 200 ml/100 liter of water
What are effective and recommended insecticides of Pink Bollworm? Top
  • Bifenthrin @ 300 ml/acre
  • Triazophos @ 800 ml/acre
  • Gama cyhalothrin @ 125 ml/acre

What is best sowing time of cotton?

Sowing should be done from 1st April to 15th May  
Which type of soil is better for cotton? Top
Fertile clay loam soil  
What is seed rate? Top
8-10 kg/acre delinted and 10-12 kg/acre non delinted  
Which sowing method should be adopted in salt affected soil? Top
Bed and furrow method  
What is plant population per acre? Top

17500 to 35000 plants/acre with respect to sowing time.

What is amount and type of fertilizer per acre? Top
1.5 bags of DAP or 3.5 bags of Nitrophos + 1 bags of sulfate of potash + 3 bags of Urea for medium fertile soil.  
How weeds should be controlled in cotton? Top
For weeds control spray the recommended pre emergence weedicide within 48 hour of sowing. After 25 to 50 days two hoings should be done.  
When thinning should be done? Top
Thinning should be done after 25- 35 days of sowing.