Citrus Research Institute, Sargodha

What is the proper time of application of farm yard manure? Top
How much quantity of FYM should be applied to a mature citrus plant? Top
50-60 kg/plant  
Can we apply goat or poultry manures instead of cow dung? Top
Yes but it should not be more than 30kg/plant  
What quantity of goat and poultry manure is recommended for ten years citrus plant? Top
20-30 kg/plant  
Is there any side effect of poultry manure application? Top

What is the method of application of FYM?

It should be uniformly distributed under the canopy of tree.  

What treatment should be given under the tree canopy after the application of FYM?

FYM should be mixed well in the soil and then apply urea 200g/plant followed by irrigation  
Is pruning necessary for evergreen plant like citrus? Top
Why it is necessary to prune citrus plants? Top
Pruning is necessary to maintain proper framework of tree  
Which type of branches should be removed from citrus plants? Top
Old dry and diseased branches  
What are the pruning instruments? Top
Pruning shears (or pruners, clippers or secateurs)   
Are they available in local market? Top
What is the best chemical control of mealybug? Top
Off season killing of mealybug eggs by hoeing soil under the tree canopy.  
How citrus psylla is controlled? Top
Pest scouting for citrus psylla should be done in March-April and August-September. If population exceeds ETL (6/leaf), then apply spray of bifenthrin, or thiametoxam or novastar at recommended field rates in rotation. Timely pruning is also necessary.   
How thrips can be controlled? Top
Thrips can be controlled by spray of acephate, spinosad and chlorfenapyr at field recommended rates.  
What are beneficial insects for citrus crop? Top
Beneficial insects include predators such as ladybird beetle, chrysopa, dragonfly and syrphid flies; parasitoids of citrus psylla and fruit flies.  
What are harmful insects for citrus crop?   Top
Citrus psylla, mealybug, citrus aphid, red scales, citrus leafminor, lemon butterfly, and fruit   
What is the cultural control of mealybug? Top
Following are the cultural control methods for mealybug:  
  1. Banding of polythene sheet around the trunk of tree and application of greasy material on this during the month of December to control the emerging nymphs
  2. Hoeing under the tree canopy at regular intervals from July to December to destroy the mealy bug eggs in the soil
What are the dangerous diseases of citrus? Top
Citrus canker, citrus greening, citrus melanose, citrus gummosis, damping off of nursery, citrus tristeza virus (CTV).  
How fruit fly should be controlled in the citrus orchards? Top
The fruit fly should be controlled by following methods:
  1. Hoeing under the tree canopy to expose and kill fruit fly pupae
  2. Installation of methyl eugenol traps (5/acre) in the active season of fruit fly
  3. Orchard sanitation such as collecting and burying fruit fly infested fruits in the soil