Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad FAQs


How to maximize water use efficiency in sandy soils? Top
Use of high efficiency irrigation system (Drip, Sprinkler) for row crops and orchard  
How can we increase fertility status of sandy soil? Top
The sandy soil has low fertility status mainly due to low organic matter, which can be improved by proper crop rotation with legumes (green manuring), manure and compost, press mud, stubble incorporation (avoid burning).  
What does the importance of balance fertilizer is to maximum crop production? Top
The balance use of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potash fertilizer in combination with micro nutrients (Zinc and Boron) and supported with foliar use for crops. “5R” approach (right source, right place, right amount and right record keeping) is the key to balance use of fertilizer.  
How can a farmer be aware of weather changes in area? Top
The use of mobile apps, Pakistan Meteorological Department, Pakistan awareness through its website and internet access are the best sources. The local agri scientists/ climatologists / crop Modelers can be contacted for field operations in view of weather changes from time to time.  
How can a farmer grip over local market system through crop produce? Top
The sowing of different crops in proper rotation according to need and market value during one season can benefit the farmer without effecting rate of produce in area.  
What are the good agricultural practices (GAP) to get maximum crop produce? Top
Selection of healthy seed b) Well seed bed preparation according to type of crop c) the most suitable planting time d) Use of high efficiency irrigation (HEI) e) Economic resource (fertilizer, insecticide, weedicide) use f) Safe harvest and post-harvest handling  
How can a farmer get maximum economic return from small holdings? Top
Intercropping &relay cropping  
Is there any decision support tool for better management of crops? Top
DSSAT (The Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer), APSim (The Agricultural Production Systems Simulator), AquaCrop, EPIC (Environmental Policy Integrated Climate Model)are the important tools being used worldwide.  
What are the important crops of district Layyah? Top
Wheat, Chickpea,Sugarcane, Cotton, Sunflower, Mungbean, Pearl millet, Sugarbeet, rice, Canola  
What are types of soil in district Layyah? Top
There are three types of soils in district Layyah. The soils are loamy to clay loam soils near riverain areas. The soils are sandy loam soils in irrigated Thal area while sandy soils are common in rain-fed Thal area (Tehsil Choubara).  
What are the general climatic conditions of district Layyah? Top
The district Layyah has an extremely hot climate. The temperature in winter is low due to nearness to Koh-Suleman range of mountains. Temperature may rise to 48℃ in summer while in winter night temperature may fall up to 2℃.