• Agronomy/climate change laboratory

A well-furnished Agronomy/Climate change laboratory is established during 2020 and is being upgraded with the time. It is targeted for studying the effect of climatic parameters under the controlled climate chamber with regard to different crops. Mini lab experiments are also conducted by internship students for their better understanding in the field.


  • Plant pathology laboratory

Plant pathology lab comprises of different instruments for pathogen culture and pathogen identification especially the artificial inoculant preparations take place which are tested for their resistance in the newly developed wheat lines at the institute.   

  • Soil Chemistry Laboratory

Soil chemistry laboratory perform detailed analysis of soil pre and post harvest of various crops.  It comprise of all basic instruments for measuring soil chemical properties. 

  • Advisory services for farmers
  • Provision of pure and quality seed of approved varieties of different crops
  • Sampling of diseased plants, their analysis and formulation of recommendations