Entomological Research Sub Station, Multan

Entomological Research Sub-Station, Multan was established on 4th December, 1962. The major research activities for the improvement of field crops and horticultural plants for concentrated at Entomological Research Sub Station Multan. It is Sub Station of Entomological Research Institute, Faisalabad.

Research Activities

  • Comparison of new chemistry vs  conventional insecticides against whitefly on cotton crop
  • Effect of different sowing times on population dynamics of whitefly, dusky cotton bug and pink bollworm on cotton crop
  • Efficacy of different  insecticides against jassid on cotton crop
  • Studies on the population dynamics of whitefly and pink bollworm on cotton crop at various locations (multan, d.g.khan and rajanpur)
  • Monitoring of pink bollworm by using pheromones traps in multan through out the year
  • Impact of water stress in incidence of whitefly in cotton crop
  • Screening of coded  cotton genotypes (ncvt) against insect pest complex
  • Comparative efficacy of various insecticides against thrips (frankliniella tritici fitch) on red rose

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