Diversification to High Value Cropping Through Promotion of Horticulture

Duration 2016-17 to 2020-21
Total Cost Rs. 41.658 Million
Allocation in 2019-20 Rs. 10.0 Million


Date Palm

  • Plantation of 36,700 exotic Date palm plants (five varieties) on 367 acres in nine districts of Southern Punjab
  • Establishment of three multiplication blocks at three research centers
  • Training of farmers for orchard management
  • Capacity building of private sector or firms in terms of acclimatization and ultimate technical assistance to Date palm growers
  • Seed Less Kinnow
  • Production of 55,000 true to type seedless Kinnow saplings through public and private sector
  • Establishment of four multiplication blocks at four research center
  • Training of nursery men for nursery raising and farmers for orchard management

Physical Activities

  • Seedless kinnow component
  • Production of 15000 plants of seedless kinnow plants 
  • Trainings of registered nurserymen 
  • Farmer’s day 
  • Date palm component
  • Acclimatization of 1000 imported juvenile tissue culture Date palm plants
  • Establishment of 03 multiplication blocks

Expected Outcome 

  • Plantation of 55000 plants of seedless kinnow
  • Plantation of 1000 plants of five varieties of exotic date palm 
  • Increase in yield and quality of farmers produce
  • Improvement in socioeconomic condition of farmers

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