Citrus cultivars are grown in varying quantities in countries with tropical or sub-tropical climate. In Pakistan Citrus is the most important fruit crop. In Punjab they are grown on an area of 1,77, 216 hectares and the production is 21,16,466 MT(Source: Crop Reporting Service-2017-18). Citrus is grown in all four Provinces of Pakistan but Punjab produces over 95% of the crop. Breakup of citrus varieties shows that kinnow is dominant due to its popularity in local market and export potential. Kinnow is the major fruit crop of Sargodha Division; hence a full-fledged Citrus Research Institute Sargodha was established in this city during 2003-04 by the Provincial Government. The scientists of this institute are also rendering advisory services through farmer gathering and individual orchards visits for the capacity building of the farmers. In this way this institute is playing its role for the progress of citrus sector.


Promotion of citrus cultivation, production and diversification


  • To introduce new orange varieties (Early, mid and late) to expand the availability period of citrus
  • Promotion of seedless orange and mandarin varieties
  • To conduct research for the improvement of yield & quality of oranges through suitable cultural and orchard management techniques (irrigation, plant protection, nutrition, pruning etc.
  • Identification of diseases & pests present in orange orchards and to find out the effective control measures
  • To conduct studies for the reduction of post-harvest losses in Citrus
  • Research on nursery management
  • Advisory service to the citrus growers