Allied Station

History of Horticultural Research Station Sahiwal goes back to 1935 when it was established as sub-station under the auspices of Imperil Council of Agriculture, New Dehli, India.  This sub-station was primarily mandated with the execution of research on stock/scion compatibilities of citrus varieties. In the background of research on stock/scion relationships area under citrus registered a reasonable increase and a need to develop a viable orchard management technology emerged. Hence the status of the sub-station was elevated to a full-fledged research station during 1971-72 with a sub-station at Sargodha. Now this Station has gone under the administrative and technical control of the Director, Citrus Research Institute, Sargodha. 



Research Activities

The station provides following research activities to the citrus growers:

  • Conduction of research trials on different aspects of citrus
  • Rootstock standardization
  • Introduction of new varieties
  • Determination of nutritional requirements
  • Production of true to type nursery plants
  • Maintenance of gene pool / Germplasm unit having 8 varieties of grapefruit, 7 varieties of sweet orange, 5 varieties of Mandarin, 6 varieties of Lime and 1 variety of Lemon

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Principal Scientist
Phone: 040-4400020