Following are the achievements of the Institute:

  • Nine (09) citrus varieties viz Pak kinnow, CRI Salustiana, SG Feutrell’s early, AARI Seedless kinnow, AARI, Khatti, CRI Blood Malta, CRI Musambi, Pak Shamber & Punjab Taracco has been approved during the last five years from FSC &RD, Pakistan.
  • Four screen houses have been established and fully functional to produce disease free nursery plants. Germplasm of seedless varieties and seedless nursery plants are also being produced and maintained in these screen houses as well.
  • This Institute has successfully conducted different research trials on Cultural, Pathological, Entomological, Soil science and Post-harvest aspects during the year.
  • The contribution of this institute towards control of citrus fruit fly, efficient use of water, control of diseases is also admirable.
  • The institute is also working for diversification of different citrus cultivars and for this purpose it has registered citrus model nursery at the institute and is producing thousands of true-to-type citrus nursery plants.
  • A block comprising on exotic varieties of citrus i.e. Daizy Mandarin, Caffin mandarin, Harward Blood, Ryan Navel, Mc Mohn Valencia, Cara Cara Naval, Arnald Blood, Early Valencia & Cock Tail  was established to study their adaptability.
  • A Mechanical Citrus tree pruner has been imported for the purpose of pruning of old citrus orchards to bring them under phase of rejuvenation.
  • Four multiplication blocks of seedless kinnow for its further propagation were established.