• Oilseeds Research Institute is working on these crops since 1975 while now 15 varieties of rapeseed and mustard have been evolved. This institute has evolved 1st Canola varieties of AARI Canola in Brassica Juncea. In 2018 this institute developed new canola varieties named as Super Canola which has not only higher oil content but also less erucic acid & Glucosinolates along with good yield performance. The yield performance of newly developed varieties is comparable with the hybrids of private companies.
  • This institute has developed 2 varieties of Linseed.
  • Oilseeds Research Institute has developed one Sunflower hybrid in 2009 which is leaving good yield.
  • This is conventional oilseed crop. TH-6 is the 1st variety in Pakistan having unique character of single stem & has occupied more then 90% of copped area in Punjab. Recently developed new variety is Til-18 having cluster type pods and contains more yield.
  • This institute has developed two varieties of soybean in Punjab named Faisal Soybean and AARI soybean.
  • Oilseeds Research Institute has developed 1st variety of Camelina naheel with high Omega 3 and vitamin E.