Provision of Micronutrient Analysis Facility in District Soil and Water Testing Labs in Punjab


2022-23 to 2023-24
Total Cost  Rs. 326.96 Million
Allocation for 2023-24  Rs. 326.96 Million
Location Punjab (12 district SWT laboratories in Punjab)


The main objectives of the project are:

  • To build the capacity of 12 SWT labs at the district level for micronutrient analysis in soil
  • To compute availability indices for various micronutrients under varying cropping patterns.
  • To formulate soil test-based site-specific recommendations to economize the use of fertilizers and amendments.

Implementation Design


  • Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department


  • Chief Scientist, Rapid Soil Fertility Survey and Soil Testing Institute, Lahore through Principal Scientist (Soil Fertility), Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research Rawalpindi

Civil Works

  • No civil works

Targets of the Project

  • The facility for micronutrients analysis at 12 district soil and water testing laboratories in areas of citrus and mango orchards will be developed by procuring 12 Atomic Absorption / emission  spectrophotometers, relevant glassware and chemicals.  
  • Type and Number of beneficiaries
  • Farmers
  • Research organization

Expected Impact after Completion of Project:

Availability of new instruments and machinery would increase the confidence of consumers regarding judicious use of quality agricultural inputs. This will also improve the living standards of farming community with the increase in their income through reduction in cost of the production. This project would emphasize on strengthening of Soil and water testing Laboratory at district level with provision of micronutrient analysis facility, which would ultimately pave the way for enhancing the capacity of analysis and strengthen advisory services to carry out its targets.