Research & Development on Fruit Crops in South Punjab through Establishment of Fruit Research Institute at Bahawalpur

2021-22 to 2023-24
Total Cost  Rs.182.00  Million
Allocation for 2023-24 Rs. 63.014 Million
Location Horticultural Research Station, Model Town-A, Gulburg Road, Bahawalpur


To conduct research & development on different fruit crops such as Datepalm, Citrus, Olive, Guava, Ber and Pomegranate etc. in un-cultivated land of South Punjab

Implementation design

A: 2021-22

  • Approval of project 
  • Award of contract for civil work.
  • Standardization of specifications and Procurement of machinery and equipment. 
  • Survey of un-cultivated area.
  • Establishment of lab and lath house facilities
  • Development of Code Of Practices (COPs)
  • Production of organic Date fruit.
  • Documentation and approval of Date variety. 
  • Clearance of posts under the project and Rationalization and transfer of posts.

B: 2022-23

  • Completion of civil work by C&W Deptt. 
  • Standardization of specifications. 
  • Procurement of machinery and equipment.
  • Establishment of lab and lath house facilities
  • Production of organic Date fruit. 
  • Documentation and approval of Date variety.
  • Filling of newly created / rationalized posts. 
  • Completion of plantation in demo plots. 
  • Capacity building of farmers of demo plots.  

C: 2023-24

  • Completion of research data. 
  • Completion of Code Of Practices (COPs)
  • Production of organic Date fruit.
  • Capacity building of farmers of demo plots.  
  • Conduction of experiments. 
  • Delivery of olive plants to the farmers. 
  • Start for production of 20000 nursery plants.


  • Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department


  • Chief Scientist, Agri. (Research), Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad

Civil work

  • Construction of office building & laboratories: Horticultural Research Station, Bahawalpur was established during 2003-04 with only Horticulture section and minimal staff. This is the only research station in south Punjab. There is dire need to expand study area on different fruit crops in the field of Horticulture, Pathology, Entomology, Tissue culture and Post-harvest. So for this purpose an institute with its new building is required because the existing building has no capacity for laboratories or staff rooms. 
  • Fruit packing room with warranda is required for cooling of fruit immediately after harvest to lower transpiration losses and delaying the fruit decay.
  • Water course construction (7000 RFT) is required to save water which is drained in the field.
  • Fencing of 1000 RFT research area is required to save the precious research material from animals.

Overall Targets

Sr. No.

Major Interventions

Original Targets

1 Establishment of 5-6 demo plots of different fruit crops i.e., Datepalm Pomegranate, Mango, Guava, Lemon, Olive, and Ber etc. in un-cultivated areas of South Punjab for R&D purpose. 06 Jobs
2 Establishment of lab and nursery tunnel facilities for mass multiplication of nursery propagates for their delivery to the farmers.  02 Jobs
3 Development of Code of Practices (COPs) for the Critical Control Points (CCPs) of each target fruit crop as a ready reference for the farmers to combat with different issues of fruit production and its high end marketing.     07 Jobs
4 Production of organic Date fruit of different varieties i.e., Ajwa, Amber, Barhee, Khalas, Medjoul and Sugai with their quality estimation.  06 vars
5 Documentation and approval of Date varieties i.e., Ajwa, Amber, Barhee, Khalas, Medjoul and Sugai.  06 vars