Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Mandi Bahauddin

Economy of Pakistan is dependent on the development of agriculture, whereas the agriculture is dependent on productive soils. Soil is a natural body which acts as host to different crops. The use of improper, unbalanced and unsuitable fertilizers leads towards the crop loss as well the farmer’s economy/budget. Therefor the GOVT. of the Punjab opened this laboratory on 05.06.1996 under Tameer Punjab Programme to facilitate the analysis of soil and Water analysis and accordingly the provision of advisory service regarding the analytical results of soil and water test for better soil production/ soil fertility


Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Mandi Bahauddin is working with the mission to analyse the maximum soils and tube well water of the District to note the fertility status of soils, best use  of best type of balanced fertilizers, so that the cost effective combination of fertilizer is developed to maximize the crop yield/ production per unit area without the degradation of natural resource thus enhancing the socioeconomic life of farming community ultimately curbing  food scarcity.


  • To assess the fertility status of different soils through suitable field and soil tests
  • To suggest measures through soil testing advisory services for improvement of soil fertility by using best suitable fertilizers
  • To diagnose salinity and sodicity problems and suggest their control by use of suitable amendments
  • To test the irrigation water for its suitability
  • To advise farming community to implement analysis results
  • To provide the advisory service regarding fertilizers recommendation crop production at farmer’s field

Research Activities

Advisory Services:

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations.   
  • Reclamation of problem soil.
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers.
  • Collection of soil and water samples from farmers’ fields and their analysis

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Address: Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, District Complex ,  Mandi Bahauddin