Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Khanewal

The economy of Pakistan is agro-based and, therefore, is dependent upon the health & fertility of her soils. The continuous mining of plant food nutrients has depleted the fertility of soils to a level where these could not nourish healthy plants. Therefore, assay of fertility status is essential for judicious fertilization and assurance of better returns of food and fiber crops. It also helps in combating imbalanced nutrition and forecast of crop failure. The diagnostic techniques for fertility evaluation include fertilizer trials, soil test, plant and tissue/cell analysis. The laboratory tests provide the most accurate information on supplies of different nutrients and changes affecting on nutrient availability. This forms basis for planning fertilizer Programme and agronomic practices for economic returns. It was; therefore, felt that advisory services should be established in the province `where farmers could get forehand evaluation of the fertility status of their soils. The laboratories under “Soil Fertility Organization” were established in the year, 1968. Under the above said scheme   “Extension of Soil and Water Testing Facilities in New District”, Khanewal laboratory was established in the year, 1988.


The soils of Pakistan are mainly calcareous in nature due to arid climate. The scarcity of water is the main cause of the salinity/ sodicity problems & soil testing plays an important role in identifying these problems and soil diagnosing the degree of incidence of salinity / sodicity. It further helps to assess the harmful effects and improvement of these conditions through proper management or through suitable amendments. The soil-testing laboratory provides a regular check on the interaction and salt balance in the soil, brought by the use of sub-soil water for irrigation. It can help in maintaining the health and productivity of soil by testing the irrigation water before installation of tube well.


  • Collection and analysis of soil and water samples from farmer field
  • To provided advisory service to the farming community as per analysis reports of soil & water samples
  • To prepared and maintain soil & water analysis   reports & monthly physical progress reports
  • Evaluated/categorized advisory soil and water analysis data for the annual report and research purposes
  • To visit the field of farmers and advice accordingly
  • Recorded, maintained and updated the soil analysis data for Macronutrients, EC, pH and Texture etc. on Meri Zameen web Portal under the Project Ext. Services 2.0

Research Activities

Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations as per their soil and water samples analysis reports
  • Reclamation of problem soils
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers
  • Monthly, annual and research reports / paper based on soil and water samples analysis reports

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