Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Jhang

The economy of Pakistan is agro-based, therefore, dependent on the fertility of her soil. The continuous mining of plant food nutrients by plants has depleted the fertility to a level where they could not nourish healthy plants. Realizing these facts, a scheme entitled “Rapid Soil Fertility Survey and popularization of the use of fertilizer” was started as joint ventures of Government of Pakistan and Food and Agriculture Organization in the year 1958.Later on it was transferred to provincial Government. The Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Jhang was established in 1981 for the facilitation of farmer community.


To enhance the fertility of Soil through site specific analysis of soil, appropriate amendment and fertilizer use accordingly.


  • Evaluation of the soil health & fertility status through collection and analysis of soil samples from the agricultural farms of the district & preparation of site-specific recommendations on soil inputs (fertilizer & amendments etc) and provision of the same to the Farmers
  • Collection and analysis of the ground water samples from the fields of the farmers for their suitability for irrigation purpose and providing advisory service to the farmers accordingly
  • Diagnosis of salinity-sodicity hazards of soils & suggesting measures for their reclamation to the farmers
  • Provision of training to the eager farmers on accurate method/technology of collection of soil and water samples and the related matters

Research Activities

  • Advisory Services

    • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations
    • Reclamation of problem soils
    • Monitoring quality inputs
    • Improving (FUE) and Productivity through (IPNS)
    • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers

Contact Us

Muhammad Abdullah
Senior Scientist
Phone: 047-7502720
Address: Soil and Water Testing Laboratory Toba road Near Railway Crossing Jhang