Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Lahore


During the year, activities of staff covered the  fields like; 1) research regarding soil fertility monitoring in the rice-wheat cropping system and use of municipal wastes in agriculture by composting; 2) analytical services to field staff of SFRI for the field trials; 3) analytical services to fertilizer industry under FCO for registration and monitoring fertilizer quality being marketed; 4) advisory services to farming community for efficient use of their inputs e.g. soil, water and fertilizer and also providing analytical facilities to other government research institutes and  universities. Growth hormones (Mepiquot Chloride) and humic acid analysis facilities were developed – this facility is available to manufacturers as well as to other allied SFRI laboratories. A project for socio-economic development of farming community is also underway by funding from UNDP under title of "Punjab Community Development Project for Rehabilitation of Salt affected and Waterlogged Lands; Bio-Saline II". Soil and water sampling and respective analyses were also carried out for some citrus orchards of Toba Tek Singh area under a PARC scheme. Hectic efforts are being made by all staff to stream line the laboratory under umbrella of ISO-17025 certificate.


To provide advisory service to the farmers and Agri-based institutions for their soil, water and fertilizer resources use, all laboratory staff remained engaged in laboratory and field by furnishing the analysis reports of soil, water and fertilizer samples for economic use of these resources. The followings were the mandates, which were accomplished successfully during the year, 2005-2006.

1. Assess the soil salinity / fertility status in command area.

2. Assess techniques for improvement in soil and fertilizer use for sustainable and economic crop yields. 

3. Suggest measures to farming community for controlling salinity / sodicity menace. 

4. Analyze tube well waters to assess their suitability for irrigation.

5. Delineate the maps and diagrams on the basis of survey reports and analytical results. 

6. Give guideline for future research on soil fertility / plant nutrition and use of amendments for poverty alleviation to controlling authorities.


Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore


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Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research Lahore
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