Soil and Water Conservation Research Station, Fatehjang

Total geographical area of Punjab Province is 20.65 million hectares. Out of these 7.30 million hectares are designated as Barani tract with only 3.10 million hectares available for cultivation.  The agriculture in Barani areas is confronted with two main problems i.e., soil erosion and water stress.  Soil and water are critical natural resources that sustain human life and the lives of all other creatures on our planet.  The careful husbandry of these natural resources is essential for food security and environmental protection. Sustainable use of these resources is imperative to socially, economically and ecologically viable communities.  The huge losses of soil in Barani area because of wind and water erosion has caused frustration among the inhabitants, therefore, many of them have chosen alternate professions.  The problem is further accentuated with uncertain behavior of rainfall.  Therefore, Soil and Water Conservation Research Institute was established by the Govt. of Punjab to develop technology for soil conservation and efficient use of available moisture for sustainable and profitable crop production. To

employ the findings and to develop technology for different climatic zones of rainfed area, Soil and Water Conservation Research Stations were established at Fateh Jang (District Attock) and Sohawa (District Jhelum) under ADP scheme during 2004.


  • Development/standardization of sustainable and low cost technology for soil & water conservation including rehabilitation of gullied lands and water harvesting under different ecological zones of Barani tract
  • Standardization of soil & crop management practices to arrest soil & water losses
  • Development of a system to monitor surface runoff and soil losses under different land use, soil types and rainfall patterns

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