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Mango Research Station, Shujabad

Mango is a delicious fruit grown in tropical and subtropical climate of the world and is the second largest fruit crop of Pakistan after citrus and is being grown 174 thousand hectares with annual production of 1784 thousand tones of fruit (International Trade Centre; Trade Map). Mango Research Station, Shujabad was established in 1972-73 by the Government of Punjab, Agriculture Department to handle different problems of mango industry and in recent past the Federal and Provincial Governments remained kind enough to sanction different development projects to conduct research on elite concerns of Mango Industry and these remain handy to solve many problems and to boost the export of quality mangoes direct from growers to super markets of the world. This research station conducted the meaningful research work in the recent past to address different problems and to create awareness among the mango growers regarding the key elements of production technology for production of quality fruit and manage different diseases and insects by integrated approach.

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Evaluation of polyembryonic rootstock for commercial mango cultivars of Punjab
  • Effect of climate change (high & low temperature) on flowering and fruiting behavior in commercial cultivars of mango
  • Standardization of hot water dip duration to check infestation of fruit fly in mango fruit
  • Interactive effects of plant growth regulators and nutrition on vegetative growth of mango nursery plants
  • Evaluation of appropriate planting geometry for "Small Tree System" in mango Cv. Azeem Chaunsa
  • Evaluation of appropriate planting geometry for "Small Tree System" in mango Cv. Sindhri
  • Evaluation of appropriate planting geometry for "Small Tree System" in mango Cv. Chenab Gold
  • Survey for selection of promising mango strains
  • Development of new mango varieties through selection among chance seedlings
  • Documentation and characterization of indigenous mango varieties according to mango descriptor, FSC&RD, Islamabad
  • Impact of sowing time on seedling health and vigor of nursery plants
  • Effect of various spacing on good stand establishment of mango nursery plants
  • Optimization of foliar and pot application of nutrition to mango nursery plants
  • Development of new mango varieties by manual crossing technique
  • Optimization of controlled pollination technique to facilitate mango breeding work

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