Sugarcane Research Station, Khanpur

It was established in 1959. The main objectives are to find the adaptability of sugarcane varieties & agronomic requirements and provision of pure/healthy seed for Southern Region of Punjab. SPF 234, CP-77-400 and CPF-253 are the dominant varieties in the Southern Punjab due to high performance in terms of per acre yield and recovery.

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Final varietal trial
  • Semifinal varietal trial
  • National uniform yield trial of sugarcane (2020-22)
  • National uniform yield trial of sugarcane (2021-23)
  • Ratooning potential of promising sugarcane clones/varieties
  • Sowing method trial of sugarcane
  • Planting time trial of sugarcane
  • Promising varietal trial for evaluation of disease/insect, pest/aclimatization and ratoonability
  • Promising lines trial for evaluation of disease, insect/pest acclimatization
  • Inter cropping of vegetables, pulses and oilseeds crops in sugarcane
  • Seed production of approved varieties

Contact Us

Principal Scientist 
Phone: 068-8574088