Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the institute:

Sugarcane Variety Development

  • Collection of fuzz

  • Raising of seedlings

  • Transplanting of seedlings

  • Nursery-I

  • Nursery-II

  • Preliminary varietal trial

  • Semi-final varietal trial

  • Early and medium final varietal trial

  • Co-ordinated varietal trial

  • Zonal varietal trials

Sugarcane Agronomy

  • Planting time

  • Tillage trials

  • Planting geometry trials

  • Lodging studies

  • Seed rate trials

  • Fertilizer use efficiency trials

  • Water use efficiency trials

  • Inter-culture / weed control trials

  • Field studies of transgenic sugarcane varieties

  • Varietal ratooning ability trials

Sugarcane Technology

  • Periodic juice analysis of varietal trials

  • Cane harvesting schedule to attain peak sugar recoveries

  • Studies to minimize post harvest losses

  • Proper utilization of sugarcane by-products

  • Studies onGurquality

  • Studies on different juice clarificants

  • Studies on micronutrients

Sugarcane Pathology

  • Screening of cane varieties against Red rot, Whip smut, Pokkah boeng, Red stripe, Mosaic and Rust

  • Identification of new strains of pathogens

  • Technology testing to evade disease infection

Sugarcane Entomology

  • Screening of cane varieties against borers and sucking insect

  • Identification of new insect pests

  • Integrated insect pest management

  • Identification of new bio-control agents