Following are the achievements of the institute:

Varieties Developed

23 varieties of sugarcane have been got approved for commercial cultivation. A number of varieties are in pipeline

Technology Development

  • Planting of sugarcane in double rows at four feet apart

  • Advanced production technology for each sugarcane variety

  • Integrated weed management

  • Sugarcane ridger

  • Alternate skip irrigation

Discovery of New Insects

  • Two new insect pests of sugarcane i.e. Early shoot borer,Chilo infuscatellus, and Sugarcane beetle,Euetheola humilis, are discovered in Punjab. A especial consideration is given to Early shoot borer and experiments are designed for its proper control.

  • Three new beneficial insects i.e.Telonomus(egg parasite of borers & pyrilla),Cotesia(borer’s larvae parasite), mite destroyer lady beetle (red mite eater) are identified for natural control.

International Collaboration

  • Sugarcane Research Station, Canal Point, USA

  • South African Sugarcane Research Institute


Around 600 research papers are published in national and international journal / proceedings, since 1973.