Following are the research services being provided by the Institute:

  • Technology transferred to farmers about crops management to get good production and enhance their income
  • Advisory service for farmers regarding production technologies of major field crops
  • Facilitation for students of BSc. and MSc. in Agriculture regarding internship and supervision of research work
  • Monitoring of activities to stakeholders of area 
  • Development of resource use efficient production technology


ISO 17025 accreditation standard is the symbol of competence and reliability on performed tests for a lab. After getting this standard, Seed Testing Laboratory results are now acceptable worldwide. After scope extension of the lab for other tests, provision of quality seed to the farmers will be ensured.

How to Avail?

Plant Physiology Section, Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad

Contact of the Focal Person

Dr. Naveed Akhtar Husnain Jawad
Chief Scientist, Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad. Scientific Officer, Plant Physiology, DARI
Phone: 041-9201676 Phone: 041-9200655
Email: Email: