Oilseeds research institute Faisalabad provides pre-basic seed of approved varieties of Rapeseed/Mustard, soybean and sesame to the Punjab Seed Corporation, Private companies and Progressive Growers. This seed is provided by the institute from its main office in Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Faisalabad. Respective stakeholders are also provided with the production technology of respective crops.

How to avail the Service?

  • The scientists of oilseeds provide advisory services to farmers through Radio recordings and television interviews. In these interviews Farmers issues regarding insect pests and diseases of oilseeds crops are addressed properly. Production technology of these crops is also delivered to farmers through recording and interviews. 
  • Oilseeds Research Institute Faisalabad provides supervisory and technical guidance to graduation and M.Sc. (Hons.) students of different agriculture universities.
  • Every year oilseeds Research Institute Faisalabad give training to agriculture officer of extension wing regarding all oilseeds crops. Through this practice innovations and new production technology is effectively delivered to farmers through extension wing. 


Oilseeds Research Institute Faisalabad

Contact of the Focal Person

Phone: 041-9200770