Soil & Water Testing Laboratory, Sahiwal

Soil testing is defined as any chemical or physical measurement that is made on a soil to assess the plant available nutrient status, salinity/sodicity and elemental toxicity of a soil. It is rapid, accurate and less expensive. The chemical analysis of water shows that what salts are present and in what amount. From such an analysis, it is possible to decide on the suitability of water for irrigation use. Soil and water quality test provide a guideline for combating salinity/sodicity and other nutritional problems for attaining higher crop yields. For efficient and economical utilization of available resources, the site-specific recommendations of agricultural inputs are necessary under different agro-ecosystems. Advisory services are rendered to the farmers of the district after detailed analysis of their soils and water samples in the laboratory. Government of Punjab has established Soil and Water Testing Laboratory at District level in the Punjab province


  • To Provide the advisory services to farmers on Soil and   Water management for sustainable crop production.
  • To analyse the Soil and Water samples of the district under the Project “Extension Services 2.O Farmers Facilitation Through Modernized Agriculture Extension”. 


  • Evaluation of soil fertility status of the area.
  • Diagnosis the nature and extent of salinity/sodicity hazards and suggest appropriate remedial measures for their control, and
  • Analysis of water samples for its suitability for irrigation purpose and also advise its management and efficient use for crop productions.    

Research Activities

Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations.   
  • Reclamation of problem soils.
  • Monitoring quality inputs.
  • Improving (FUE) and Productivity through (IPNS).
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers

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