Soil Fertility Research Institute (SFRI) - Agriculture Department is making all out efforts to increase agriculture productivity and maintenance of soil health through modern techniques and recent developments. This idea is somehow achieved by using recent IT innovations by the present Government of the Punjab and by making information public. It is imperative that through use of GIS in Agriculture as a tool to produce soil fertility/crop suitability maps that are informative for progressive farmers, landowners, policy makers, planners, researchers and extension workers.

Mission & Objectives

  • Assess fertilizer response in various ago-ecological zones / soil types in order to formulate economic fertilizer recommendations.

  • Indexation of plant nutrients in soil and plant tissue for monitoring their status.

  • Evaluate comparative agronomic efficiency of different commercial fertilizers.

  • Research on popularization of Integrated Plant Nutrition System ( IPNS ) for sustainable agriculture.

  • Find out appropriate time and method of fertilizer application in different cropping system.

  • Popularize the balanced fertilizer use to get economic yield. Advisory services to farming community for economic use of soil, water and fertilizer resources and reclamation of salt affected soils.

  • Monitoring quality of fertilizers Survey and test the suitability of ground water for irrigation purposes.

  • Provide analytical service to fertilizer / amendments manufacturers for quality of their products.