Rapeseed Research Station, Khanpur

Oilseed Research Station, Khanpur is working on different experiments on increasing the production of oil (edible oil) in the country. New varieties are being developed with better production capacity and better quality. Research activities are underway to develop new crop varieties including Raya and Mustard at Oil Seed Research Station, Khanpur.

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Germplasm  evaluation & Maintenance
  • Hybridization
  • Filial Generations
  • Preliminary Yield Trials
  • Advanced Yield Trials
  • Micro Varietal Trials
  • National Uniform Rapeseed Yield  Trials
  • National Uniform Mustard Yield Trials
  • Agronomic Trials (Date Sowing, Relay cropping, Sowing method, Raya/ Sugarcane cultivation etc.)
  • Pathological Trials (Fungal and viral pathogen studies and its control)
  • Pre-basic seed Production

Contact Us

Muhammad Aslam Nadeem
Principal Scientist
Phone: 068-5572134