Research Activites

Following are the research activities of the institute:


  • Effect of different sowing dates on growth and yield of new genotypes of cotton
  • Performance of different genotypes under different planting densities
  • Evaluation of suitable cropping pattern under agro climatic conditions of southern Punjab
  • Response of macro-and-micronutrients by foliar application to growth and yield of cotton
  • Impact of NPK on the growth yield and fiber quality of cotton
  • Role of different management practices on growth and yield of cotton
  • Role of Organic matter on the yield of cotton by incorporating cotton sticks and wheat straw into soil  
  • Effect of  picking time and Storage period on Germination of Cotton Seed
  • Comparison of Nursery verses seed sowing of cotton


  • Maintenance and Enrichment of Gene pool
  • Hybridization Program
  • Study of Filial Populations  (F1- F5)
  • Preliminary Yield Trials (PYTs = 5)
  • Advanced Yield Trial (AYTs = 3)
  • Testing of advance strains on large scale
  • Enrichment and Maintenance Of Cotton Species
  • Bio-safety Trial of MNH-988
  • Testing of Exotic Accessions against CLCuV
  • Evaluation of Promising Exotic  Accessions for CLCuV, Yeild and Fibre Quality
  • Estimation of Genetic Diversity, Heterosis and Combining Ability Studies in Cotton
  • To Study The Long And Extra Long Staple Length Introgressed Material
  • Provincial Coordinated Cotton Trial (PCCT)
  • National Coordinated Varietal Trial (NCVT)


  • Release of boll feeding bugs (RCB, DCB, STINK Bug) in cages on Bt genotypes of cotton
  • Screening of insecticides  against boll feeding bugs
  • Determination of Boll worm infestation in different BT  genotypes of cotton
  • Population dynamics of Red Cotton Bug and Dusky Cotton Bug on cotton crop
  • Toxicological impact of insect growth regulators and insecticides on parasatoids of whitefly
  • Effect of host plants on Internal boll disease and yellowish of cotton