Following are the services offered by the institute:

Wheat Variety

Five wheat verities Fareed-06, Mairaj-08, Aas-11, Gold-16 & Jouhar-16  are being grown by the farmers (small to large).
Seed of various Wheat varieties and also, Mung, Oilseeds, Sorghum and Millets is being provided to the farming community of the region.

Farmers Gathering

During 2012, farmer (small) gathering were arranged in 9 districts of Southern Punjab. (Gathering was 150-500)
During 2013, a farmer gathering was arranged at RARI, Bahawalpur in which about 150 farmers gathered and visited wheat & other crops and appreciated and this activities are still going on upto 2016-17 & onward.

Seminars/Radio Talks/Publications

The results of research activities are desminated to the farming community, agriculture workers, agri. students etc. by conducting seminars atleast twice a year, delivering through radio talks and research publications (Papers). As well as phamplate and brushers.