Regional Agricultural Research Institute, Bahawalpur


What is the best sowing time for Raya / Canola in Southern Punjab/Bahawalpur region? Top
The proper sowing time for Raya/ Canola in Bahawalpur region is  from end of September to mid of October.  
In which soil type the of Raya/Canola should be cultivated? Top
Sandy loam/loam soil is good for the cultivation of Raya/Canola.  
What is the quantity of seed per acre used in Raya/ Canola crop and when different fertilizers should be used? Top
Seed rate of Raya per acre is from 02 kg to 02.50 kg, fertilizers will be used at sowing and before flowering time.  
What is the best time of harvesting/ threshing for Raya/Canola? Top
When 50 to 70% of pods change their color to Brown.  

Which Pulses are grown in Kharif Season?

Mung bean and Mash bean are grown in Kharif season.  
Which pulses are grown in Rabi season? Top
Gram and lentil are grown in Rabi season.  
How much is the seed rate of mung bean crop? Top
8-10 Kg seed is required for the sowing of one acre.  
How much seed rate is required for gram crop? Top
25-30 kg seed/ acre is required for gram crops.  
What is the best sowing time for mung bean and mash bean? Top
Best sowing time for sowing of mung bean and mash bean is the start of July to end of July.  
Which is the proper time of sowing for different winter vegetables? Top
Sowing time of winter vegetables i.e. carrot, Radish, spinach & peas is from September to October.  
What are the different fertilizer used during the growth of different vegetables? Top
DAP, Urea, SOP & NPK fertilizers are used during the development of different vegetables.  
Which insects attack on wheat? Top
Wheat aphid and Army worm.  
At which stage of wheat aphid appears? Top
At the time of elongation and ear formation  
What is the important insect pest of Sorghum? Top
Stem borer  
What are the major pests of sun flower? Top
Head moth, Jassid, Whitefly and Army worm.  

What is the meaning of balance use of Fertilizers?

Use of all Fertilizers i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash for any crop in proportional amounts and   according to recommendations for any particular crop.  
Why Organic matter is important for soil Fertility? Top
Organic matter is necessary for Soil health and enhances the Fertilizer use efficiency.  
What is salinity? Top
When salt rises in the soil to a certain extent and hinders the normal crop growth, the condition is called Salinity.  
What is difference between white kalar (Salinity) and black kalar (sodicity)? Top
Accumulation of all types of salts in soil is salinity (sufaid kalar)  while accumulation of Sodium salt only or proportionately more than other salts is sodicity (kala kalar).  
Which diseases of wheat are of economic importance? Top
Brown rust, Yellow rust and Black rust and spot blotch.  

Which rust is the most dangerous and why?

Yellow rust is the most dangerous among all because it appears at early plant vegetative growth stage and results in more losses.  
What is the time of treatment of rusts? Top
Under unavoidable circumstances, consider the variety of wheat, severity of attack and growth stage and then use proper fungicide but it is advisable to use it on recommendation of expert.