Reseach Activities


  • Survey for the selection of promising mango strains
  • Strategy to develop mango variety in shorter period of time by grafting promising chance seedlings of mango
  • Management strategy to control fruit splitting and De-shaping in mango Cv. Sindhri
  • Determination of heat units to achieve fruit maturity for different cultivars of mango
  • Orchard intensification under different pruning and training systems to enhance fruit yield in mango
  • Assessment of export quality fruit’s share in various exportable varieties under standard management practices
  • Effect of different chemicals in protection of mango seedlings/ young plants from frost
  • Effect of different practices and treatments to prevent sunburn of mango Cv. Sufaid Chaunsa
  • Evaluation of time of pruning for mango trees to control tree size
  • Response of various moisture levels in combination with mulches on yield and quality of mango fruit in Southern Punjab Pakistan
  • Evaluation of various doses of Nitrogen at flowering and fruit setting to manage Vivipary in mango Cv. Sufaid Chaunsa
  • Impact of growth regulator application on Vivipary in mango Cv, Sufaid Chaunsa

Plant Pathology

  • Assessment of flower diseases on commercial mango varieties under variable management conditions
  • In vivo and invitro exploitation of Trichoderma as biological control agent against Mango Sudden Death Disease (MSD)
  • Handling of post-harvest diseases of mango cv Sufaid Chaunsa by using disinfecting agents.
  • Chemical treatment of mango plants infected with sudden death disease under different conditions
  • First step study of microbiology in different soil conditions


  • Comparative effectiveness of different insecticide against mango fruit borer
  • Effectiveness of various botanical extracts against mango Hopper and Thrips
  • Comparative effectiveness of different modules for management of mango fruit borer
  • Evaluation of different colors for attraction of fruit fly in sex pheromone traps
  • Determination of most effective dosage of two different insecticides against mango Fruit borer
  • Chemical management of the mango shield scale Aulacaspis tubercularis (Diaspididae; Hemiptera)
  • Comparative effectiveness of different Snails control approaches against snails in mango orchard

Plant Nutrition

  • Assessment of fruit quality determining nutrients in different mango cultivars at different locations
  • Exploring the reasons of de-shape of fruit in mango CV. Sindhri at different locations
  • Assessment of physical, chemical and biological changes in root zone after developing trenches of dieback affected mango plant

Post harvest Section

  • Exploring the best time for fruit bagging of commercial mango cultivar (Chenab Gold and Sufaid Chaunsa)
  • Evaluation of different harvesting methods to sustain fruit quality
  • The screening of suitable varieties for dry mango production
  • Evaluation of some physical methods to combat the problem of sunburn in mango cv. Sufaid Chaunsa