Following are the services offered by the institute:

  • Adaptability testing service to different seed potato importing companies
  • Advisory services to the visitors and farmers
  • Provision of Guidance to the potato stakeholder
  • Dissemination of production technology through extension staff, farmer days, seminars, radio & TV talks and Publications
  • Internship service to students from academics
  • Provision of pre basic and basic seed potato on small scale

Capacity Building of Farmers

Potato Research Institute, Sahiwal has small cultivated area, due to which most of the seed potato production is utilized for research purposes and is available for potato growers on very small scale. However, seed potatoes of the approved potato varieties of this Institute are available with the Punjab Seed Corporation.

Technical Advisory

  1. Farmer field advisory services
  2. Farmer training program
  3. Awareness Seminars
  4. Internship programs