Research Activities

Tissue Culture

Potato tissue culture is on small /practical scale at Potato Research Institute, Sahiwal with following objectives:

  • Production of disease free seed potatoes
  • Rapid multiplication of clones
  • All the year round propagation of clones

Plant Pathology

            Pathological studies are carried out for control of fungal, viral, bacterial & other diseases   and to screen out the resistant / tolerant potato genotypes against different diseases.

Value Addition

\Quality evaluation like shelf life at ambient temperature, eye sprouting, shrinkage, reducing sugar, chip yield, chipping quality, specific gravity, dry matter contents, frying time, boiling time, flavor, color, taste, texture is carried out at Potato Research Institute, Sahiwal.


Agronomic studies are conducted for standardization of package of crop production technology for new elite strains and low cost average production technologies.

Adaptability Testing

Adaptability of different exotic potato varieties imported by different potato seed companies is tested.