Pesticide Quality Control Lab. Bahawalpur

Pesticide Quality Control Laboratory, Bahawalpur was established in the year 2008 and is working under the Institute of Soil Chemistry & Environmental Sciences, Kala Shah Kaku, Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab. This laboratory functions in accordance with the provisions of Agricultural Pesticide Ordinance, 1971 (amended up to-date) & The Punjab Agricultural Pesticides rules, 2018. Pesticide Quality Control Laboratory, Bahawalpur is accredited to ISO-17025:2005 by PNAC, Islamabad. The pesticide samples are received from the Pesticide Inspectors duly notified by Government for this purpose. These samples are analyzed in the laboratory and declared standard quality or sub-standard and adulterated on the basis of determination of active ingredient in the laboratory.


Our mission is to provide accurate, precise and timely results with aim of making availability of quality pesticides to farmers and to ensure the manufacturing ability and sample quality of stakeholders, helping to minimize the use of fake pesticides in Punjab for better society and reduce the financial and yield loss of farmer and country.


  • To analyze pesticide regulatory samples taken by the pesticide inspectors from Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, R.Y.Khan and Lodhran districts.
  • To provideanalytical serviceto thePurchaser of pesticides/Farmers.
  • To effectively contribute in pesticide anti adulteration campaign in Punjab.

Research Activities

  • Regulatory services (Services provided for the quality assessment of Pesticides under APO 1971/ Punjab Agriculture Pesticide Act-2012).
  • Advisory services (Services of pesticide analysis provided to   farming Community/ manufacturers

Facilities to Farmers

Pesticide quality control laboratory, Bahawalpur provides quality pesticide analytical services to the farmers. We provide facilities of following analysis.

  1. Pesticide Formulation Analysis
  2. Weedicide Analysis
  3. Insecticide Analysis


The farmer who has doubt about the pesticide or weedicide which he wants to use for his crop, can get analysis of the product. For this purpose, he should visit the PQC Laboratory on the address given below. Copy of NIC and information on Form-8 (available in the Lab.) is required along with sample.


Pesticide Analysis
    1. Physical Analysis
  • Dry sieve test (Dustable Powders, GR, etc.)
  • Wet Sieve Test (WP, WG)
  • Emulsion Stability Test (EC)
2. Chemical Analysis

Analysis of Active Ingredient (chemistry) by

  • GC
  • HPLC
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Chemically

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