Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the institute:

  • Effect of aloe vera gel on quality and storagability of grapes under low temperature
  • Sodium carbonate application along with curing on lemon against green and blue molds
  • Effect of different pre-cooling methods on the shelf life of spinach
  • Impact of oxalic acid on post harvest quality of peach fruit
  • Impact of chitosan film coatings combined with packing on quality attributes of carrots (daucus carota)
  • Application of different post harvest treatments on quality retention of bell pepper
  • Effect of chitosan coating on quality retention of apricot fruit during low temperature storage
  • Studies on combined effect of irradiation and chitosan coating on quality of mango during storage
  • Control of storage scalding in apples by use of chemicals
  • Post harvest quality evaluation of grapes after ethanol application
  • Hot water application in combination with fungicide on quality attributes of kinnow during cold storage
  • Use of different organic acids for control of post harvest browning in litchi fruit
  • Effect of firming agent on quality attributes of loquat fruit during storage
  • Effect of irradiation on sprouting and storage life of potatoes
  • Training on post harvest technology of fruits and vegetables